Business Sales

When a client is buying or selling a business, an effective lawyer creates value by helping the client anticipate and guard against potential risks associated with the transaction and by working to structure the transaction in a way that will bring maximum benefit for the client. At the same time, both the buyer and the seller in business sale transactions want the transaction to close. An effective lawyer is a creative problem solver, who promotes his client’s interests without losing sight of this common goal.

Jerry has extensive experience representing both buyers and sellers of businesses. He has represented clients in the sale of businesses ranging from restaurants and bars, to health care providers and pharmaceutical companies, to IT consultancies and industrial equipment manufacturers. With an LLM in tax law and years of experience advising and representing clients on tax matters, Jerry is particularly well situated to help clients navigate through the tax consequences of a business sale.

In some cases, clients contact Jerry years in advance of a potential sale of their business, seeking his help to better position the company for a possible sale. Other clients contact Jerry early in the contemplated transaction, before the parties have reached an agreement on key terms. In other cases, clients engage Jerry’s assistance later, to draft or review and negotiate the important but more technical terms of sale.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller – and regardless of what stage you are in the process – Jerry will protect your interests through his experienced, pragmatic, and creative approach to business sales.