Owner Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes disputes erupt between the shareholders, partners, or members of a corporation, partnership, or LLC.  At times the dispute arises out of mismanagement or fraud by a co-owner.  Sometimes the dispute arises out of a majority owner’s oppression of the minority owner’s rights and interest.  Other times it is simply an honest dispute between the parties as to how a particular provision of the governing bylaws, operating agreement, or partnership agreement should be interpreted.

In some cases, the owner’s claims are asserted through a derivative action, in which the owner seeks to recover on behalf of the business entity for a loss that the entity suffered as a result of the Defendant’s conduct.  In other cases, the owner’s claims are asserted through a direct action against the Defendant, seeking to recover for the Defendant’s breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, unfair or deceptive trade practices, conversion, and/or misrepresentation.

Jerry works to help business owners resolve these disputes short of litigation.  If litigation should ensue, he has a track record of providing intelligent, zealous, and effective representation.