Tax Disputes

Most tax litigators start off as tax lawyers and only later find themselves appearing in the courtroom.

Jerry took a different route to tax litigation.  He first established himself as a civil litigator, before entering the world of tax, graduating with distinction from Georgetown’s Tax LL.M. program in the process.

If it becomes necessary to contest a tax matter during an audit, within an administrative appeal, or in the State or Federal Courts, you will want an experienced litigator presenting your case.  You’ll want someone with a proven track record of delivering in the courtroom.

Jerry represents clients in:

  • Proceedings before the U.S. Tax Court
  • Refund actions in the Federal Courts
  • Tax collection actions in Federal Courts, including actions arising out of liens and levies
  • Actions to enforce IRS summonses
  • Actions asserting transferee or donee liability for tax obligations
  • Actions in State and Federal Courts to resolve multistate allocation or apportionment disputes
  • State tax proceedings in the Courts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, New York, Oklahoma, and Arkansas
  • IRS audits and administrative appeals
  • Sales tax audits and related disputes